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New Study Confirms Humans Were in the Americas 130,000 Years Ago

This has already been an exciting year in archeaology with the find of the lost city of Etzanoa and the 11,000 year old city of Gobekli Tepe recording an ancient comet strike.  Now we have this.  We have all been told that humans came across the Bearing Straight or the land bridge around 10,000 to 15,000 years ago from Asia to the Americas.  A flood of new research has cast doubts on that narrative as bones and sites seem to indicate humans may have been here as early as 20,000…

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6 Unsolved Murders in California That Deserve More Attention

1 – Michelle Von Emster Michelle Von Emster was a 25 year old woman who washed up off the coast of San Diego in 1984.  Two surfers found her body.  When she was found, she had several lacerations on her body and her right leg was missing.  Her neck was also broken and she had sand in her internal organs. Shark Attack? At first, investigators believed that she had died of a shark attack.  The evidence they cited were the tears on her body as well as the fact that…

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