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Man and Woman Engage in Sex while Handcuffed in Police Car

Most people, most normal people, become distressed when placed under arrest. Others take that stress and turn it into sexual desire. A man, Howard Keith Windham, called 911 because he could not wake his friend up, who was high, drunk and passed out. When the police arrived, there was an array of bizarre activities involving soma pills, alcohol and hydrocodone. Needless to say, they arrested anyone they could find, including Tina Marie Aire. Tina Marie rode with Howard Keith in the back of the patrol car and they were both…

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Man Gets Anti-Aircraft Shell Stuck in Rectum During a Sex Game Gone Wrong

A Tampa man had the common courtesy to call 911 to inform them he was going to the police department with a dead body in the trunk.  When he arrived at the District 3 parking lot in Tampa, Florida, a police officer was waiting for him.  Crowds of people came to see what was going on as the news got out.  Some onlookers referred to it as a “block party”. When the officer opened the trunk, there was a dead body in the back.  The individual appears to have been…

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