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Ancient Egyptian Electric Light or Something Else?

The Dendera light is one of the most difficult objects to explain from the ancient world.  In what appears to be an obvious depiction of advanced technology, we are left to wonder what on earth this could have been and how it could have been built in a civilization with no known instances of electricity.  Is the Dendera light a relic of some lost ancient technology or are we misinterpreting the image?  Is it evidence of an ancient Egyptian electric device?

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Is this Ancient Gear Mechanism the First Computer on Earth?

This Ancient Gear System is the First Computer on Earth The Antikythera mechanism, as it is known, is quite possibly earth’s first computer and the most ancient gear system ever found.  Found in about 150ft of water off Point Glyphadia, near the island of Antikythera, the mechanical device is composed of ancient gears made mostly from bronze and wood.  The remaining bronze pieces were so badly corroded that the entire machine  appeared to be a blob of badly corroded metal.  It was not until later, until the archeaologist Valerios Stais…

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