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Teens Dressed as Batman Confront Sexual Predators

In the most awesome news story to come out in recent memory, a group of teens in Cilliwack, BC, dressed as superheroes, have been posing as underage girls online and agreeing to meet pedophiles for sexual rendez-vous except that when they get there, they are dressed as Batman or some other superhero.  The boys got the idea from the show, To Catch a Predator.

There were four videos online showing the process but most have been removed from YouTube.  The two videos below are hosted by the Vancouver Sun.  The first video shows none other than Batman straight up confronting a man who was there to meet a 15 year old girl. Despite its awesomeness, it does entail personal risk to the boys so they have agreed to stop the practice as urged by their local Police Department.

John McNab /Foter

In a statement on their “To Troll a Predator” facebook page, they had the following to say:

“Due to police intervention we will be discontinuing the To Troll a Predator series.  I hope those who viewed the videos shared many laughs with us while we could. Hope you understand.”

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