5 Real Life Vigilante Superheroes You Should Know About

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In light of the recent success of a couple of heroic or some might say, foolish, teenagers in Canada who lured and confronted pedophiles into public spaces, we thought we would pay tribute to a couple of other vigilante superheroes.  The first is:

Phoenix Jones

The most famous of the current crop of vigilante superheroes.  He has actually stopped crimes, several of them.  In 2011, he stopped a carjacking.  He punished a man for trying to steal a bus.  He was arrested, unfortunately, for trying to stop a fight outside a nightclub.  He unmasked himself in this video outside of a courthouse:

Another video of Phoenix Jones:

Shadow Hare

A vigilante super hero that made the news in Cincinnati quite a bit. He was injured while helping a woman who was being robbed, but hey, he was rying.


Razorhawk was a pro-wrestler for 15 years and then became a real life super hero. He is based in Minneapolis, MN:

Mr. Xtreme

Mr. Xtreme is based in San Diego, CA. He is part of the Xtreme Justice League.


A superhero woman based in NYC. Did we mention she is a woman and she isn’t ugly? Regardless of whether or not she stops crime in the big apple, she is a hero as far as we are concerned:

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