Divers Convince Octopus to Give Up Plastic Cup for Seashell

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In one of the cutest and most heart warming videos we have seen today, divers convinced a tiny octopus to give up a plastic cup it was using for protection for a proper seashell. Divers were in the area diving for seashells when they came across the creature and, after several attempts at finding the perfect shell, they convinced the tiny octopus to find a new home. Here’s how they found him:

Octopus wearing plastic cup for protection – Image Courtesy of Pall Sigurdsson

As you can see, the Octopus was very curious by reaching out to touch the man’s hand. The man then decides to help his new friend:

Image Courtesy of Pall Sigurdsson

The man then puts down a seashell to see if the octopus is interested in making a trade. The little aquatic marvel then tests out the seashell:

Octopus testing new seashell – Image Courtesy of Pall Sigurdsson

The diver then decides to try a smaller shell:

He did not like the first one so they tried a smaller one. Image Courtesy of Pall Sigurdsson

After a few attempts, the octopus has a new home!

After finding the perfect shell, the octopus is on its way. Image Courtesy of Pall Sigurdsson

You can see the full video below:

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