Fake Cop Joins High Speed Chase, Pulls Over Vehicle, Gets Arrested

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In one of the more bizarre crazy criminal studies to come across our desk in quite some time, a man posing as a cop in North Carolina, sped past officers in a high speed chase and pulled the suspect over only to be caught himself.

According to the report, officers had been pursuing a possible murder suspect and had made a traffic stop at a Food Mart in Wilson, NC. When they approached the car, occupied by five males, the car sped off, leading officers on a high speed chase.

To their amazement, a man by the name of David Adams Jr, sped past the officers in a black Ford Taurus with blue lights on. He pulled in front of the suspect vehicle, pulled out a gun and ordered the driver out. At that point he handcuffed the driver.

Confused, the officers began to call out to David Adams Jr to prove that he was a law enforcement officer, which he was not. Adams then sped away, leading to another pursuit. He was caught and arrested for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

The news clip from the local news station is below:

Source: CBS 17

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