Famed D. B. Cooper Mystery Witness Speaks Out

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If you have never heard of the mysterious case of D. B. Cooper, here’s a very, very short recap (the story is a real rabbit hole). A mysterious, well dressed man boarded a flight between Portland and Seattle and hijacked the plane with a bomb scare. He demanded $200,000 and jumped out of the plane somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, parachuting to his death or retirement.

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During the flight, Cooper was sitting in the back row of the plane. There was only one other person sitting near him, which was a sophomore from the University of Oregon named Bill Mitchell, who was also in the back row. Mitchell has kept his silence about the mystery until now.

Speaking with KOMO news, Mitchell outlined the event from his perspective. Right before the flight attendant got the famous note indicating Cooper had a bomb, she had sat down to talk to him, apparently flirting with him. Mitchell felt jealous that the attendant had not sat down to talk to him.

My ego got in the way of this. It sort of bugged me that this flight attendant was talking with this older guy with a suit and smoking, and here you had a University of Oregon sophomore sitting right across the aisle and she wouldn’t make any eye contact or anything.

Bill Mitchell speaking with KOMO News

Many people have wondered why Mitchell never came forward. He shed some light on that as well. According to Mitchell, the FBI told him that since he was so close to Cooper during the flight and could identify him, it may be best for him to avoid the media spotlight.

As for his part, Mitchell did not have many theories about who the man was or what happened to him. He said he may still be out there for all he knows.

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