Five Ancient Shipwrecks with Pyramid Anchors were Discovered at a Lost Greek Port

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An underwater research mission in Greece was sent out to study the area around the island of Kasos and they found a whole bunch of shipwrecks, five in fact. The wrecks included everything from amphorae to fine pottery and ceramics.

One of the wrecks dated from the 4th century BC and had mysterious pyramidal anchors. This is the ship that had the most pottery as well. This would place it in the Greek Classical period.

One of the divers showing off an anchor. Image Credit: F Kvalo

The other ships dated from between the 1st century BC and the 10th century AD. They also found items from later periods such as cannons and Byzantine anchors.

This is not the first time major shipwrecks have been found in the Agean. Last year, there were 58 shipwrecks found in a small area.

However, perhaps the biggest find is that there is evidence that the area was an ancient port facility. This is due to the density of the shipwrecks and evidence of structures at the site. This is the first dive in the region and there will sure to be more.

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