Fleeing Man Hides from Cops in Leaf Pile

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korneliuz /Foter

A man fleeing from the Grand Rapids PD, decided to the best way to avoid them would be to hide in the leaves:

A fleeing man briefly escaped police after an officer used a thermal imaging device to find him hiding in a leaf pile, but he later was caught and linked to a meth-making operation in a Hastings motel room.

Reminds us of the scene in Arrested Development when the news reporter notes “the dogs found him immediately” only instead of dogs it was a thermal imager:

The officer lost the man, but used the thermal imaging device to find him in a pile of leaves in bushes.

The suspect then ran, briefly entering a river before jumping out of the water and going underneath a bridge. Officers, with the help of Barry County sheriff’s deputies and state police troopers, then tracked wet foot prints to a fence near the Park View Motel.

Via: mlive.com

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