Ghost Child Filmed by Security Camera at English Pub

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A pub by the name of the Lamb and Lion, in the English city of York, caught footage what appears to be the ghost of a child wandering around while workers are walking back and forth at the bar. The impressive clip was noticed by the assistant manager, Lee Smith.

According to Lee,

I was checking the CCTV to see where my colleague, Molly was as we were cleaning and preparing for the day ahead.

I saw the outline of what appeared to be a ghost which caused me to jump back shocked, thinking ‘what on earth is that?

Lee Smith, Assistant Manager of the Lamb and Lion via

Molly, the worker who is seen walking by the ghost, does not notice it and was startled to see the footage herself. According to other workers in the building, this is not the first ghost sighting.

The footage does seem to resemble a girl walking in a dress. It does not seem to be related to any other movement in the video. Take a look and see what you think!

Video shows image of what appears to be a ghost child in a British pub.

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