Gigantic Prehistoric Hunting Site Found in Mexico with 800 Mammoth Bones Inside

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In the Mexican state of Tultepec, archaeologists discovered the largest mammoth hunting site ever found in the region and, possibly, in the world. So far, the team has found 800 bones from 14 different mammoths.

According to a statement by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), the finding marks a turning point in archaeology around the region. The coordinator of INAH, Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava said the finding represented a:

..watershed moment, a touchstone moment like we never imagined in the interaction between bands of hunter gatherers and these enormous herbivores

Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava

The archaeologists said the site, known as Tultepec II, measures about 40 x 100 meters and is about 8 meters deep. The archaeologists noticed that the site had already been dug because of changes in the strata, and that’s when they realized there were traps which consisted of two large holes with walls having 90 degree angles, measuring about 25 meters across and about 1.7 meters deep. One archaeologist painted a scene of groups of 20 to 30 hunters using branches and torches to scare the animals into the pit to be killed. They estimate the site is 15,000 years old and was used by humans for more than 500 years.

The team released the following image showing the enormous scale of the mammoth tusks:

Photo of an enormous mammoth skull found near Tultepec, Mexico – Image Credit INAH

The team also released the following video. For English speakers, if you turn the CC on and then click the gear, you can change the subtitles to English.

Source: INAH

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