Man and Woman Engage in Sex while Handcuffed in Police Car

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Most people, most normal people, become distressed when placed under arrest. Others take that stress and turn it into sexual desire.

A man, Howard Keith Windham, called 911 because he could not wake his friend up, who was high, drunk and passed out. When the police arrived, there was an array of bizarre activities involving soma pills, alcohol and hydrocodone. Needless to say, they arrested anyone they could find, including Tina Marie Aire. Tina Marie rode with Howard Keith in the back of the patrol car and they were both handcuffed. At some point, the police officer notices that he does not see Tina Marie anymore and she claims to be resting her head in Howard Keith’s lap. That is when the officer realized something was amiss:

Pahz /Foter

While en route to male and female booking, the deputy noticed the pair moving around in the back of the patrol car. He looked in his rearview mirror and could no longer see Tina Arie. She told the deputy she had her head on Howard Windham’s lap because she was tired. However, when the deputy pulled over to the side of the road, he could see that despite both parties being handcuffed behind their backs, Windham’s pants were unfastened and Arie was servicing his exposed genitalia. The deputy ordered them to cease the sexual contact and then continued driving to the jail. There were no additional charges.


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