Man Buys Mini-Van and Finds $500K in Cocaine Inside

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A man in Silicon valley took his mini-van into the shop and found out that it had half a million dollars of cocaine stashed inside. He had purchased the van 15 months prior and the mechanic found the cocaine stashed in the walls and doors. Dr. Charles Preston paid $14,000 for the van so he would have made a nice profit had he taken up drug dealing.

The mechanic found the drugs when he was trying to fix the rear panel. Dr. Preston was there when he was checking the rear panel and when they discovered one of the 14 sealed packages of cocaine and says his hands went numb.

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Dr. Preston was using the vehicle to transport food and supplies to the homeless around the area and was terrified that whoever had planted the cocaine there would try to find him. His concern is not unwarranted. According to the San Jose Police Seargent:

“It’s absolutely dangerous,” said Sgt. Jason Dwyer, a police spokesman. “If somebody is motivated to track down that van and doesn’t want any witnesses, then some physical harm could come to the owner. That’s a lot of dope to be misplaced.”

They offered him some disturbing advice:

“They told me, ‘You’re so lucky, you’d be in jail for the rest of your life if you got searched in a traffic stop and they found this.’ ”

But they also told him something chilling: Take the van back in to the repair shop to check for tracking devices because somebody is probably looking for it. Then get rid of it.

He attempted to return the van to the dealership and the dealer initally offered him $4K less than he paid for it but was persuaded to exchange the vehicle for a different one.

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