Man Takes Acid in Disneyland, Wakes Up Naked a Mile Away

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Disneyland is every child and child-at-heart’s dream vacation. A man, known only by the name of Benoit, was no exception. Having arrived in Disneyland, he decided the best way to appreciate the theme park was by taking a large dose of LSD. The powerful hallucinogen quickly took control over his mind, leading him to fall into some water in Adventureland. A search party of over 100 people could not find Benoit. He was found hours later by someone driving to their home, walking completely naked in the middle of a road near some houses.

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Apparently, the man had gone to Disneyland with his girlfriend and, at some point, he took LSD because of a bet. When the park was closing, he fell into the water and his girlfriend got worried and alerted the authorities. The man had no memory of what happened, of falling into the water, losing his clothing and walking down the road. He did have numerous scratches and bruises from his adventure though.

Don’t do the drugs kids!

Via: Le Parisen

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