Man Uses Daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie Money and Fakes Break In as Cover

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An Oregon man spent $700 of his daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie earnings on an “erotic message” so he decided to rectify it by staging an elaborate burglary.

The man, by the name of Brian Couture, called 911 to tell police of his robbery in Forest Grove, Oregon. When officers arrived at his house, blood was found sprinkled around the house and everything was in disarray.

Brian Couture staged an elaborate burglary scene to cover up stealing $700 from his daughter’s Girl Scout Cookie sales. Image Credit Washington County District Attorney

Couture appeared unresponsive when officers arrived so he was sent to the hospital.

After bringing in the police dogs to see what was going on, officers were unable to track anyone. That is when they started asking Couture some questions.

A few minutes into questioning and Couture broke down, admitting that he had used $700 of his daughter’s cookie money for an erotic massage.

During the robbery staging, which appeared to be elaborate, Couture injured himself and told officers that the blood was “almost certainly” his own.

Couture was fined $100 and sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

Source: Washington County District Attorney

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