Massive Meteor falls in Missouri

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A rather large meteor fell in Missouri during the Taurid meteor showers and now people are looking for it. One group has put out a $25,000 reward for the first person who can bring back a pound of the meteor.

By all accounts, the meteor was spectacular. It even popped up on the lightning detectors in the area.

It was also caught on a door cam:

According to NASA, the meteor was traveling over 33,000 miles per hour and broke apart over Bridgeport, Missouri. The meteor was about 200 lbs when it entered the atmosphere which would indicate that if any sizable chunk of it remained, that would have created a crater.

There were reports of seeing the meteor as far away as South Dakota and Texas. A CCTV near Saint Louis caught this video:

For all you treasure hunters, the best place to start may be that lightning cam map above.

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