Mom’s Drug Deal Goes South When 3-Year Old Fires Shotgun Through Car Roof

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Shania Sutherland uses the buddy system when buying drugs, with her kids. She took her toddler and a 5-year old on her latest drug run and everything was going fine until the 3 year old fired a Mossberg 12 gauge through the roof of the van which was being driven by her companion, Leah Porter. This went down in Marietta, GA.

Ironically, the drug deal took place in a Rite Aid parking lot in Marietta, GA which is really North Atlanta these days. They were there to meet someone to pick up some prescription drugs. While negotiating the drug deal, the kids started playing with the shotgun, according to the police report. At that point, the gun discharged and the drug seller, Brandon Donahue.

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Sutherland repeatedly lied to police officers about everything from birth dates to names. She was found inside the Rite Aid and her children were found in the back of Porter’s vehicle.

Via: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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