Mysterious Disappearance of Brazilian Man Raises Many Questions

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Bruno Borges went missing about a week ago from his home in Brazil.  Here’s what we know about his disappearance:

  1. He left behind a TON of writing
  2. The writing seems highly organized
  3. The writing is encrypted
  4. He spent a whole lot of money on a statue
  5. It could be aliens

Ok, so from the video below you can see that he wrote all over every surface of his room with diagrams and charts.  He also wrote with the same encryptian scheme, it appears, in 14 books which are numbered with Roman Numerals.  On one side of the room was a statue of a mysterious medieval figure by the name of Giordano Bruno.  On the other was a painting of Bruno Borges with an alien.  The family fears he may have been abducted by aliens.  According to relatives, he had asked for $6,500 from family members in order to complete writing a book that would change humanity.

The Giordano Bruno statue is also perplexing.  He paid $2,500 for it, which does not make a lot of sense for his financial state.  Also, Giordano Bruno is an interesting character in his own right.  In case you missed this episode in history class, and I think most of us did, here’s a quick summary of Giordano Bruno’s life and ideas.

Giordano Bruno was a Dominican Friar born in 1548 in Nola, Italy.  He was not an exceptionally important figure in academia other than the fact that he was burned at the stake for his ideas.  For that reason, he is seen by many as a martyr for science.  Giordano Bruno was particularly interesting to this news story because he developed an idea of cosmic pluralism at a very unfashionable time.  He believed that the stars were really other suns (the first known person in human history to have such a notion), which had their own planets and some of those planets may have life.  Now, that’s definitely out of step with most medieval thought.  If that were not strange enough, he also believed in a form of relativity, centuries before Einstein.  Just read through this and compare it to Einstein’s passages on the same subject:

Theophilus – […] air through which the clouds and winds move are parts of the Earth, […] to mean under the name of Earth the whole machinery and the entire animated part, which consists of dissimilar parts; so that the rivers, the rocks, the seas, the whole vaporous and turbulent air, which is enclosed within the highest mountains, should belong to the Earth as its members, just as the air [does] in the lungs and in other cavities of animals by which they breathe, widen their arteries, and other similar effects necessary for life are performed. The clouds, too, move through accidents in the body of the earth and are in its bowels as are the waters. […] With the Earth move […] all things that are on the Earth. If, therefore, from a point outside the Earth something were thrown upon the Earth, it would lose, because of the latter’s motion, its straightness as would be seen on the ship […] moving along a river, if someone on point C of the riverbank were to throw a stone along a straight line, and would see the stone miss its target by the amount of the velocity of the ship’s motion. But if someone were placed high on the mast of that ship, move as it may however fast, he would not miss his target at all, so that the stone or some other heavy thing thrown downward would not come along a straight line from the point E which is at the top of the mast, or cage, to the point D which is at the bottom of the mast, or at some point in the bowels and body of the ship. Thus, if from the point D to the point E someone who is inside the ship would throw a stone straight up, it would return to the bottom along the same line however far the ship moved, provided it was not subject to any pitch and roll.”

For his ideas, he was burned at the stake for his ideas of other worlds on February 17th, 1600.  We will be posting a more in-depth post about Giordano Bruno soon.  For now, take a look at this video about Bruno Borges’s disappearance and see what you think:

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