Mysterious Excalibur Sword Found in a Stone in the Bottom of a Bosnian River

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A mysterious sword was found burrowed into a rock in the bottom of the Vrbas River in Bosnia. According to a historian at the Rpublika Srpska Museum, the sword dates back to the 13th to 15th centuries. He believes it is from the medieval town of Zvecaj.

The sword immediately made people think of Excalibur, the legendary sword that King Arthur pulled from the stone to become king. Some locals think that should be the way they decide the future leader of Bosnia since elections have been so contentious.

The group released a video showing the sword in the stone underwater:

Bosnian Excalibur found in Vrbas River

Since then, the sword has been recovered:

It is now being studied to determine the exact age of the artifact.


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