NASA Releases Stunning Video of Mercury in Transit

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NASA released a video from the Goddard Solar Dynamics Observatory showing the transit of Mercury across the surface of the sun and it is amazing! Mercury actually has the shortest orbit of any planet in the solar system. Despite having such a short orbit, however, this is the last time it will transit the sun, from our perspective, until 2032. It is also the smallest planet in our solar system.

Image of Mercury getting ready to transit. Mercury is that tiny black dot on the left. Image Credit NASA

Here’s our informative video of the transit, with information about Mercury.

Mercury transited the sun for the last time, from our perspective, for over a decade. Watch our video about Mercury and different perspectives on the transit to get an idea of the vast scale of our sun.

Here’s NASA’s video of the event.

Video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory showing the transit of Mercury

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