Russian Video Appears to Show Bigfoot Chasing a Car

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Another day, another weird story out of Russia. A new video, which is confusing as it can be to non-Russian speakers, seems to show a bigfoot or yeti chasing a car full of people. Based on their reactions, they seems scared.

The video was shot near Birsk and a team from Moscow was sent to investigate the issue. A representative from the International Center of Homology, by the name of Igor Burtsev, has studied the video and believes that it shows a female Bigfoot.

According to Burtsev, the video was shot in 2016 and the animal actually jumped onto the car and broke the glass. He pointed to the emotional authenticity of the girls’ reactions.

According to one report, they girls are yelling to close the window and are heard saying:

He’s coming! He’s running!

Take a look for yourself:

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