Scientists in China Create Pig Monkey Hybrid

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Against the better warnings of countless Sci-Fi dystopian fantasies, scientists in China created a pig monkey hybrid by splicing together DNA from a monkey with the DNA of the pig.

Picture of the Pig Monkey Chimera – Image Credit Tang Hai

The two piglets that were born only had a small amount of DNA from crab-eating macaques. They looked nearly identical to normal piglets but most of their internal organs had some primate DNA.

They only survived a few days, a common occurrence in the business of trying to create chimeras.

What are Chimeras?

Chimeras, in this particular case, are organisms with DNA from two different species. Chimeras can also refer to individuals who share DNA with another individual in a species, such as when humans get an organ transplant.

Although chimeras are incredibly controversial, they could theoretically have value. Scientists believe it could be the answer to sustainable organ supplies for people awaiting transplants.

The Humanzee

Some scientists in China have wanted to use DNA from humans to mix with other animals, such as pigs. The reasons for this are mostly related to creating fresh organs for humans. However, at least one scientist is proposing the creation of a human – chimpanzee hybrid.

Chimpanzees famously share over 99% of their DNA with human beings. David Barash of the University of Washington thinks this would make a humanzee viable since the two species are so genetically close.

According to Barash, such a creature may help us understand the animal world better and could give us insights into our humanity. In our opinion, it sounds like a recipe for Planet of the Apes.

Source: Yahoo! News

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