Scientists Reconstruct Image of Ancient Shaman with Penetrating Gaze

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Scientists have reconstructed the image of an ancient Shaman from the area that is now Sweden and the images are absolutely stunning.

The reconstruction just went on exhibit in Sweden’s Trelleborg Museum yesterday.

The figure in question lived about 7,000 years ago in the region of Skateholm, which is in far Southern Sweden.

According to archaeologists who excavated the burial, the woman was buried in a seated position on top of a furs and antlers. She wore a necklace of black slate and had feathers woven into her hair.

The scientists in charge of her reconstruction said that the figure was an ancient Shaman between 30 and 40 years old and stood about 5 feet tall. She wore a belt of over 100 animal teeth.


Interestingly, ancient Europeans of the mesolithic period were not white the way modern Europeans are but, rather, had dark skin and clear blue eyes, creating a very penetrating gaze.


Some archaeologists have been reluctant to call the figure a Shaman other than to say that she had some sort of elevated and important role to play in the ancient society in which she lived, as reflected in her elaborate burial.

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