Scientists Record Video of World’s Loudest Bird

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Two scientists ventured into the Amazon rain forest to record the sound of the White Bellbird and discovered it is the loudest bird in the world. At 125.4 decibels, the sound is louder than a pile driver. It is nine decibels louder than the second loudest bird, the screaming piha.

The two biologists who participated in the study were Jeff Podos at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Mario Cohn-Haft of Brazil’s Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia. They released their findings in the prestigious journal, Current Biology.

The white bellbirds are not large animals, about the size of a common dove. The sound they make is so loud, however, they scientists were baffled as to how it did not damage the hearing of other white bellbirds.

The level of sound is just below that of a loud rock concert, which comes in at 113 decibels, and is above the human pain threshold, according to the scientists. They released a video of the bird call for your listening pleasure:

Source: ABC Australia

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