Shoplifting Couple Leaves Kids at Wal-Mart

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A couple shoplifting around Wal-Mart in Louisville, KY forgot abandoned their kids. They were caught by loss-prevention and when confronted about the man’s attempt to steal a laptop and a tablet computer, they ran out the door, leaving their kids. The mother, Kelsey Grobmeier, returned to the store about an hour later to swing by and pick the kids up which did not work out for her.

Police say the man, Michael S. Kaufman, broke the display case that the tablet computer was in and the mother tried to hide makeup inside the car seat. The couple were arrested on numerous charges including child endangerment, theft, criminal trespassing and tampering with criminal evidence.

The most amazing detail for us was that the woman thought she could just come by and pick the kids up. Ironically, she was charged with criminal trespassing because she was told not to return to the store.

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