The USS Nimitz Encounters are the Most Significant UFO Event of All Time. What are they?

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In November of 2004, radar started to show strange traces indicating that there were mysterious aircraft in the area off the coast of San Diego. The encounters would become common throughout November and their documentation is unquestionable. What do we know about the most important UFO event of our time?

November of 2004

In early November of 2004, the USS Princeton was cruising the waters off the coast of San Diego as part of the Carrier Strike Group 11. The ship had a new radar system known as the AN/SPY-1B passive radar and thought, initially, that there could be something wrong. In fact, they disassembled the system and reinstalled it only to find that the “ghost tracks” were still visible.

Official Summary of the Event

The craft that they were tracking were in a tight formation at 28,000 feet. Navy Chief Petty Officer Kevin Day said he noticed 8 to 10 of the objects on November 10. The craft, at that time, were only traveling at just over 100 MPH which seemed strange for military craft to be traveling at such a slow speed.

On November 14th, Day sent two fighter jets to investigate the signature when it appeared on radar again. When the pilots arrived at the spot where the aircraft were shown to be on the radar, they saw nothing. Day then checked the radar again and showed that the aircraft had descended to sea level in less than a second. At that point, the pilots looked down and saw the sea churning in a spot they estimated to be about the size of a 747 aircraft.

The pilots indicated that they thought that something was just beneath the surface, as if waves were breaking over the top of it. Right after that, they noticed an object hovering above the water at about 50 ft, which looked like a Tic Tac and measured 30 to 46 feet long. The object had no windows, wings or exhaust.

One of the pilots, Commander David Fravor, approached the object by circling around it as he descended. As he was descending, the object ascended while mirroring his moves, forming a double helix pattern if you were to visualize it. At that point, the object seemed to be toying with them. When Fravor tried to get closer to the object, it shot out of site so fast they could no longer see it after 2 seconds.

Within seconds the object had reappeared on radar 60 miles away. When Commander Fravor returned to Nimitz, he said:

I have no idea what I saw. It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s. But I want to fly one.

Commander David Fravor

Following both the Nimitz encounter and the related GIMBAL video, senior officials of the government confiscated all the radar tapes and all other evidence related to the sightings. In both cases, the men who took the tapes were not named and were not seen again.

The presence of other videos is well documented. Another officer named Jason Turner recalled seeing a video which has not been released of the craft doing maneuvers and was instantly disturbed. Speaking with a documentary he said:

This thing was going berserk, like making turns. It’s incredible the amount of g forces that it would put on a human. It made a maneuver, like they were chasing it straight on, it was going with them, then this thing stopped turning, just gone. In an instant. The video you see now, that’s just a small snippet in the beginning of the whole video. But this thing, it was so much more than what you see in this video.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Jason Turner

Freedom of Information

Over the coming days, there were a couple more encounters with the craft, details of which are largely unknown to the public. However, a team that took off later that day had an advanced infrared camera which captured this infamous video (this one with commentary).

In December 2017, the videos were released by the Pentagon. The New York Times wrote an article outlining the significance of the events. A video was also released of a less documented encounter on the East Coast, known as the GIMBAL video. That can be seen here:

The video was released because of requests through the Freedom of Information Act and, simultaneously with that announcement, the Pentagon announced funding for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The video was also circulated by a new group of researchers known as the To The Stars Academy which is led by Blink-182 lead singer Tom Delonge.

The videos were instantly viral news and spread throughout the world. The significance of the multiple eye witnesses and detection by advanced instrumentation make the objects impossible to ignore.

By all accounts, the crafts movements would have killed a human being through changes in g-force alone. So far, nothing being researched by any government on earth could account for such a craft.

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