Three True Halloween Stories That Will Disturb You

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Poisoning the Candy

A boy by the name of Timothy O’Bryan was poisoned to death by Halloween candy on Halloween night in 1974. However, he was not poisoned by a stranger.

Timothy was poisoned to death by his father, Ronald to collect on life insurance money, policies he had recently taken out on all of his children. In fact, Ronald O’Bryan tried to poison all of his children, including his own daughter but Timothy was the only one to actually eat the candy. He put the cyanide in Pixy Stix as it turns out.

Dead Woman Hanging from a Tree

A 42 year old woman in Frederica, Delaware killed herself the day before Halloween by hanging herself from a tree at the edge of some woods across the street from houses. However, being Halloween, the people passing by had no idea that it was a real woman, thinking it to be a Halloween decoration. It took 3 hours for people to find out that it was a real dead body.

A Halloween Explosion

In 1963, there was a Holiday on Ice show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum. With 3 minutes left in the show, during a song entitled “Mardi Gras”, a propane tank that had been leaking for hours exploded, killing 74 people and injuring more than 400 other people. The explosion happened underneath the seating and it catapulted people onto the ice. The explosion also caused a crater which people fell into. Over 50 died instantly at the scene.

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