Turns Out the Beluga Whale Playing Fetch is a Russian Spy, Literally

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Recently, a beluga whale has made headlines by playing fetch with some Rugby fans in arctic waters. For a recap of that and to see the amazing video, check out our post on the subject:

As insane as this headline is though, it turns out this same whale is a Russian spy or has escaped from a Russian military program. It is the same whale as the other viral video of a beluga whale in a harness:

In fact, the whale even has a name, Hvaldimir. There is even a foundation called the Hvaldimir Foundation which is part of the nonprofit Norwegian Orca Survey and they monitor Hvaldimir wherever he goes. They released a statement to the Huffington Post confirming that the whale in the video playing fetch is the very same whale. He may is also a serial Youtube star. Keep on keeping on Hvaldimir!

Source: Yahoo! News

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