Unicorn Meteor Storm to Roll Through on Thursday

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There is a rare and strange meteor event happening this week that is unique in its intensity and was caused by a yet unknown comet.

A meteor storm is different than a meteor shower because a meteor storm involves a more brief but more intense rain of meteors, sometimes with dozens of meteors visible per second.

According to the National Weather Service:

If the dust trail is small and dense, then the resulting meteor shower may result in hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of meteors burning up in just minutes.  If this scenario happens, that the meteor shower is referred to as a meteor storm.

National Weather Service

Accoring to Meteornews.com, the meteor shower that could turn into a meteor storm are known as the alpha Monocertids and are caused when the Earth passes through a tail of a long period comet that is unknown to us now.

It is known as a unicorn meteor shower because the meteors appear to emerge from the constellation Monoceros, which is Greek for unicorn.

The best time to view the meteor storm will be at 11PM ET. However, the east coast of the United States is likely to be covered for most people due to a storm system.

These are the best viewing spots according to Acccuweather:

Accuweather forecast for the monocerids.

Source: Accuweather

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