Woman Found Strangled to Death by Python in Sheriff’s House Containing 140 Snakes

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A woman in Oxford, Indiana was found dead, with an 8 foot reticulated python around her neck. The house was owned by Sheriff Don Munson of Benton County, Indiana. Apparently, the house is designed only for snakes and Munson himself lived in a house adjacent to the house where the 36 year old woman was found. At the time of the report, an autopsy had not been performed but it appeared that the cause of death was strangulation.

It is not clear what the woman was doing in the house but she also owned snakes and may have kept snakes at the house, according to people familiar with the case. Munson’s house had 140 snakes in it. He used the house to contain his collection of snakes, which he used for breeding snakes to sell. He would often take his snakes to local elementary schools, including a reticulated python.

A lawyer handling the divorce case of the woman confirmed that she had a passion for snakes and they factored into her possessions that were being negotiated.

According to statements from 2001, Munson had even larger snakes. He is reported to have offered to show a 13 foot, 45 pound python to Oxford Elementary school in 2001.

The reticulated python is the longest snake in the world and can reach lengths of over 20 feet.

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